Howe ISD closes on property to prepare construction of new school

Howe ISD Superintendent Kevin Wilson informed the school board last Monday night that the architectural firm Corgan Architects have submitted preliminary plans to Gallagher Construction for preliminary pricing. Gallagher is preparing to put the project out for bid in the first part of August. The school is to be located between Summit Hill and Collins Freeway on the north side of Summit Hill Parkway.

The City of Howe asked Howe ISD to perform a water pressure test which as completed which will tell the results of the water line needed to service the minimum. That will determine the amount needed for the water installation. Wilson said they are also working on easement language for the sewer and drainage on the property. The school is requesting a 35-foot easement.

Howe School Board President Greg Akins was unable to attend the closing for the new school, therefore, the board approved Wilson to sign all documents at closing on Thursday which was finalized just after noon that day.

At this point, the bidding will take place in a couple of weeks and construction can begin by Sept. 1 according to Wilson.

School bus available for students walking in hazardous areas

Once again, the Howe ISD has approved a procedure that will allow students who walk to or from school in a hazardous area within two miles of the facility can use the bus system.

The hazardous conditions are determined by the ISD and state that the student must walk along and across a freeway, an underpass, or pass over a bridge. Another area would be an uncontrolled traffic artery.

The school has determined hazardous areas are US Highway 75 and access roads, Highway 5, Ponderosa Road, and Old Highway 6. Anything west of Highway 75 is included on all campuses. Areas east of Highway 75 on Ponderosa has been determined as well as the service road from Ponderosa Road south to Duke Street and anything on Highway 5.