Kindle Catching named 30th HHS Drum Major

Kindle Catching has been named drum major for the 2017-18 school year.  She is the 30th drum major since the beginning of the Howe ISD band program that started in 1975-76.

Other positions announced:

Band President:  Mikayla Doty

Vice President:  Madison Mosier

Secretary:  Shellby Armstrong

Treasurer:  Bethany Masters

Color Guard Captain:  Taylor Thurman

Color Guard Members:  Ivonne Delgado, Aubrey Friedman, Grace Jones, Valerie Langford, Natalie Murphy, Rebecca Rhew, Natalie Sloan, Erin Tyler

Loading Captain:  Erin Tyler

Other leadership team members and their roles will be announced at a later date.

HHS Drum Major History

1975-76 Jerry Taylor
1976-77 Terri Straw
1977-78 Robin Hawkins
1978-79 Robin Hawkins
1979-80 Robin Hawkins
1980-81 Valerie Whitfield
1981-82 Brent Wood
1982-83 Lex Breeding
1983-84 David Whitfield
1984-85 David Whitfield
1985-86 Danielle Mailloux
1986-87 Rodney Holcomb
1987-88 Paula Mullins
1988-89 Paula Mullins
1989-90 Sharla Powell
1990-91 Sharla Powell
1991-92 Sharla Powell
1992-93 Kent Bearden
1993-94 Carrie Mullins
1994-95 April Taylor
1995-96 April Taylor
1996-97 April Taylor
1997-98 Mandy Summers
1998-99 Mandy Summers
1999-00 Aaron Stringfellow
2000-01 Aaron Stringfellow
2001-02 Kyle Lowder
2002-03 Kyle Lowder
2003-04 Laura Stringfellow
2004-05 Andrew Shaffer
2005-06 Rhapsody Fearon
2006-07 Erica Wortham
2007-08 Kayla Cook
2008-09 Jesse Richard
2009-10 Jesse Richard
2010-11 Ashley Krueger
2011-12 Travis Fulton
2012-13 Makenzie Duffee
2013-14 Madeline Ansley
2014-15 Madeline Ansley
2015-16 Jessica Doty
2016-17 Kaylee Dwyer
2017-18 Kindle Catching