Howe ISD to offer insurance to students

Howe ISD has been in the minority of not offering insurance to students. In the past, students have been injured and either did not have insurance or did not have adequate insurance. Fundraisers have taken place over the years to help the gap between medical bills and Superintendent Kevin Wilson says now is the time to provide insurance at the school level.

“I personally feel like for a fairly small amount of money, it’s something we can offer for our students and parents,” said Wilson to the school board on Monday night. “It will cover not only athletic events but if a kid fell off the monkey bars and broke his arm.”

The board looked at four different types of insurance that were specified for different services. Wilson recommended an unallocated plan to the board.

The plan would cover players in athletics that suffer an injury unless it is an injury due to repetitive motion (such as a baseball pitcher’s throwing arm).

Prior to this motion, any player that was injured in a football game or any other sport would be liable 100 percent for any injury cost. The school district had no liability prior to Monday’s action. School Board Member Clint Catching made the motion to provide student accident insurance and allow the administration to choose a policy.

All new heating and air at Howe High for 2018-19 school year

With the high school now 18 years old, the air conditioning and heating units are in need of being replaced and are now scheduled to be done by the time the students arrive.

Open bidding went out last month and the district received four bids which the lowest bidder was $343,843, however, Howe ISD Superintendent Kevin Wilson checked references and found that another bidder with good feedback. Wilson recommended to the board that they contract McDaniel Air of Collinsville and their bid of $358,400. McDaniel has done work for Howe ISD in the past and Wilson was comfortable with their work.

“I know there’s discussion of whether we have the money to do that or not, but the bottom line is that they have to be replaced,” said Wilson. “We’re spending a lot of money replacing some and if you’re going to rent a crane, you might as well rent a crane and knock them out instead of doing one or two at a time. It’s time. They’re 18 years old.”

The board approved the motion to accept the bid from McDaniel Air and the work should be completed by the summer’s end.


Howe ISD teacher changes

Howe ISD Superintendent Kevin Wilson announced at the Board of Trustees meeting last week that he has accepted resignations from Erica Allen and Priscilla Lankford, both aides at the elementary school. Allen is going back to school to pursue her teaching certificate while Lankford, a prior substitute indicated she wanted to go back to that role due to flexibility.

He said interviews were taking place for a high school history teacher/coach as well as a middle school history teacher/coach, assistant band director, two elementary aides, and an elementary physical education coach.

“We were rocking right along and then we’ve hit a lull,” Wilson told the board. “But I think they’ve done some interviews and are looking for that perfect fit.”