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They say you’re only as good as your last 30 days.  Here’s a peek behind the curtain.  3,725 visitors in the last 30 days, 7,670 visits.  Since the changeover to the new website on August 15, the site has been much more interactive, and it shows.  Thank you readers!


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Newspaper Delivery

Recovered 1938-1945 Howe Messenger newspapers along with 1963-1982 Howe Enterprise newspapers were delivered today to The University of North Texas.  They will be scanned in their entirety.  Once they are scanned, they will be uploaded to for the world to see.


Thanks to a grant that was secured, the cost of the project was free.  The archived history of Howe, Texas in these newspapers is invaluable to The City of Howe, the citizens of Howe and students of Howe that all will be able to research city history in the future for free right at their fingertips.


Special thanks to the N.D. Moses family for keeping every edition of the Howe Enterprise from 1963-1982.  The only missing year in the collection was 1979.  If someone has those editions, please contact Monte Walker at  Those are still available to scan with this group should they be found.


Abby’s Restaurant is hiring waitstaff

Abby’s Restaurant is looking for part-time waitstaff without a set schedule.  Those interested must apply in-person and have a food handler card.  Abby’s Restaurant is located at 110 E. Haning St in Howe.


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