Howe Enterprise partners with Michelle Carney

As some of you have noticed, The Howe Enterprise has contracted with Michelle Carney to be able to share her unbelievable photography work of Howe Bulldog sports and school activities. Carney was given the #1 Bulldog Fan Award last spring at the sports banquet for her remarkable dedication. It is a privilege to be able to share her work to Bulldog fans all over the country.



School supplies 2014

It’s probably late in the game, but if you’re still needing to buy school supplies, here’s what you need:


Large backpack (large enough to hold a full size folder)
1 box 8 count large Crayola Crayons (Crayola brand only)
1 pair Fiskar scissors
12 sticks of Elmer’s glue sticks (Elmer’s brand only)
1 box thin line Crayon washable markers
1 pkg. personal/baby wipes
Paper plates (girls)
Cotton balls (boys)

1 backpack – no wheels or rollers
12 – #2 pencils
3 pkg. 24 count regular crayons (Crayola brand)
2 large pink erasers
1 Fiskars scissors
1 pkg. or refill personal/baby wipes
3 primary writing tablets
1 black one subject spiral notebook
3 – 4oz. bottles of Elmer’s school glue
1 pkg. construction paper (8 1/2 x11)
2 boxes of tissues
1 small rest mat (folding-red & blue)


1 plastic school box
2 bottles of Elmer’s glue (large)
2 large pink erasers
1 pair of 5″ blunt tip scissors
2 folders of any color or design
3 one subject wide ruled spiral notebooks
3 boxes of tissues
1 container of baby wipes
1 pkg. Manilla paper (12×18)
2 Mead hand writing tablets 1″ ruling
1 large stretchy book cover
1 pkg. notebook paper (wide ruled)
3 boxes CRAYOLA crayons (24 count)
2 glue sticks
1 dozen #2 pencils
2 green folders w/brads & pockets (plastic preferred)
2 blue folders w/brads & pockets (plastic preferred)
1 red folder w/brads & pockets (plastic preferred)
1 box Ziplok baggies (girls-sandwich, boys-gallon)
1 pkg.colored construction paper (12×18)
1 backpack (no wheels)


1 backpack (NO ROLLERS)
2 pkgs. (12 ct.) #2 pencils
2 boxes (24 ct.) crayons
1 pkg. notebook paper (wide ruled)
1 pkg. manila paper (9×12)
3 plastic folder w/brads
1 pair of med. sized scissors
2 small bottles of white Elmer’s glue
1 plastic school box
2 pkgs. colored construction paper (9×12)
2 boxes tissue
2 large pink erasers
3 pkgs. Crayola markers
1 box Ziplok baggies (girls-quart, boys-gallon)


1 nylon zippered bag for supplies (No pencil boxes)
2 pkgs. 24 count crayons
1 eraser (large)
2 red pens
1 pkg. baby wipes – BOYS
8 glue sticks
1 spiral notebook – basic color
Ear buds
4 plastic folders with pockets & brads (1 each RED,GREEN, BLUE & YELLOW)
2 – 3 ring binders-NO larger than 1 inch rings (white or black basic – NO ZIPPERS)
Backpack (NO ROLLERS)
2 pkgs. wide rulednotebook paper
2 large boxes of tissue
1 small pkg. colored pencils
1 pair of children’s scissors
1 pkg. quart or gallon Ziploc bags – GIRLS
2 dozen Ticonderoga #2 pencils (these last longer)
Manila paper 9×12 or 12×18-optional
Construction paper 9×12 or 12×18-optional


48 – #2 pencils
2 boxes colored pencils
1 pair scissors Headphonesor ear buds for laptops
pencil top erasers
3 pkgs. wide ruled notebook paper
4 plastic folders w/ pockets & brads (blue, yellow,green, red)
1 large zippered pencil bag that will hook in notebook
1 pkg. dividers for notebooks with pockets (front/back)
7 large/extra large cloth book covers
1 box of crayons
Gallon zippered bags – Boys only
3 glue sticks
4 yellow highlighters
2 pkgs. red pens
3 boxes of tissues
1 – 2″ 3 ring binder
Quart zippered bags – Girls only

5th Grade

Notebook Binder with large rings
White wide-ruled notebook paper
8 notebook dividers with tabs
Pencil pouch (nylon/fabric), goes inside binder
#2 pencils
2 – red pens
1 – handheld personal pencil sharpener
2 – composition notebooks (100 pgs)
3 – folders w/pockets & brads, (Red, Blue, Green)
2 boxes colored pencils
1 box of thin markers
1 box of large markers
2 boxes of Kleenex
1 set of ear buds or headphones
2 large glue sticks or 4 small
GIRLS – bring one container of baby wipes
BOYS – bring one roll of paper towels

6th Grade

3 hole, wide ruled notebook paper
Colored markers – thin
Black and red pens
1 – 24 count (or more) Crayola colored map pencils
2 pkg – 4×6 lined note cards
3 composition books
1 package glue sticks
1 set of ear buds
4 – one inch 3-ring binders
1 – Black Sharpie – Fine tip
2 highlighters
1 spiral notebook
1 white sheet poster board
2 boxes Kleenex
2 rolls scotch tape
1 pkg black dry erase markers
1 folder

7th Grade

1 – binder with large metal rings
1 – 1 inch binder (clear view cover, English)
4 – Pocket dividers (English)
Notebook paper – wide rule
3 – Plastic folders with brads & pockets (Science, Math & S.S.)
2 – Composition book (Science & Math)
1 – Spiral notebook, 1 subject (Social Studies)
2 – package 4×6 lined note cards (Science)
1 – 24 count (or more) Crayola Map Colors
2 – boxes Kleenex
1 – Pencil Pouch
#2 Pencils
4 – Glue Sticks
Pens (blue or black ink)
1 package red pens
2 – highlighters
1 pkg dry erase markers (for student use)
1 pair ear buds

8th Grade

White Notebook Paper – wide rule
6 – Folders w/brads & pockets (for English, Science(2), Math, Speech & Health)
1 – Composition Book (Science)
2 – Spiral notebook, 3 subject (English, Math)
Graph paper – (Math)
1 pk – 4×6 ruled index cards (Science)
1 pkg – 3×5 ruled index cards (English)
2 – boxes of Kleenex
1 – 24 count (or more) Crayola Map Colors (for Social Studies and Art)
#2 Pencils
Ink pens, blue or black only
Red ink pens
2 highlighters (English)

Arthur Boyle passes away


Former teacher, coach, principal, & superintendent of Howe Arthur Boyle passed away this afternoon about 1 PM. Arrangements are pending.

Boyle twice served as principal of Howe High School and was the head coach of the Howe Bulldogs upon their return to varsity football action after a 10 year absence. His record during that time was 9-8 in two seasons (1958 and 1959) in 8-man football.

He was also former superintendent at S&S Consolidated. Before returning to Howe as superintendent in 1977, he was the elementary principal at Cross Plains, Texas, where he and his wife were from.

Then Board of Trustees President Jack Norman stated in July of 1977, “We felt Mr. Boyle has excellent qualifications because of his education, experience and especially his ability to relate with people, faculty members and students. He has broad experience in the teaching profession as a classroom teacher, coach, principal and superintendent, and the board felt that he was the man for the job in this community.”

1989 Howe Bulldogs to reunite after 25 years

1989 1210 Carlene, Monte, DarrellThe 1989 Howe Bulldogs will have their 25 year anniversary at Bulldog Stadium at homecoming on September 12.  The District, Bi-District, Area Champions will have their Head Coach, Jim Fryar and Cheerleading Sponsor, Connie Fryar at the reunion.  All members of the team are encouraged to be at the game for the reunion celebration.